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No 16 (2017): European Police Science and Research Bulletin
Published: 2017-11-01

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Aims & Scope

The “European Police Science and Research Bulletin” (Bulletin) is an official electronic periodical of CEPOL and is dedicated to the publication and dissemination of:

  • information about recently finalised or ongoing research projects or programmes in the field of police, policing or security research – in particular in the Member States and of CEPOL’s cooperation partners;
  • concise reviews of significant original research results in all areas of police science and research as well as of security research;
  • information about police research centres operating in Member States and CEPOL’s cooperation partners;
  • information about publications of police and security research issued outside the CEPOL framework;
  • occasional editorials, addressing specific matters of issue concerning European police science and research (editorials will be solicited by invitation only);
  • reviews of methodological developments in police science and research;
  • correspondence commenting on previous reviews or information;
  • brief reviews of outcomes of Police Science and Research activities organised by CEPOL;
  • information about forthcoming international police science and research conferences, seminars or symposia;
  • information about funding opportunities for police science and research.

The European Police Science and Research Bulletin is published as an official electronic journal by CEPOL. A CEPOL Working Group manages the production, including gathering and editing the content, and is entrusted with the professional accountability.