Recent Police Research in Denmark

  • Trine Thygesen Vendius


In Denmark the field of police research and science is in progress. The article gives brief information about some recent research projects – ongoing as well as projects completed: 1. Ongoing PhD project: Targeting Policing in Organized Crime: Developing Crime Analysis in Support of Proactive Investigations into Prolific and Priority Offenders. 2. Ongoing PhD study: How innovations are enabled and disabled in everyday organizational life of police in Denmark. 3. Ongoing PhD study: A study of criminal investigation as knowledge-making. 4. Ongoing PhD study: The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) 5. Ongoing PhD project: Denmark and Europol – between globalism, sovereignty and cybercrime (Danish: Danmark og Europol: mellem globalisering, suverænitet og cyberkriminalitet) 6. PhD thesis: Risking Liberty – Preventive Arrest (Danish: Risiko og Frihedsberøvelse) 7. Ongoing PhD project: The Principle of Nonrefoulement in Operational Cooperation at the EU’s External Borders 8. Ongoing Postdoctoral study: The Police of Copenhagen 1682-1814 9. Ongoing PhD project: Secret Service. The Making of the Intelligence Community in Denmark. 10. From the eternal police to the projective police 11. Lars Holmberg (2013) 12. "Flemming Balvig, Lars Holmberg and Maria Pi Højlund Nielsen (2011) 13. Ongoing PhD study: Neighborhoods of Violent Crime: A Challenge to the Legitimacy of the State.

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