Aspects of Police Corruption in Greece

  • Evangelos Stergioulis
Keywords: Police Corruption, Greek Police


Police  corruption  in  Greece  has  not  yet  been  subject  to  systematic  scientific  research,  analysis  and  evaluation.  Greece’s  socioeconomic  and  political  environment  in  the  post-junta  period,  along  with  the  absence  –  for  a  long  time  –  of  an  internal  police  anti-corruption  mechanism,  contributed to maintaining a veil of opacity over the issue. Based on the existing analysis of police corruption and the international legal context of corruption, the study provides an in-depth analysis of police corruption in Greece against the country’s historical, social and political background, with a specific emphasis on the period of economic crisis revealing critical quanti-tative and qualitative dimensions of corruption within the ranks of the Greek Police. It concludes with concrete proposals for implementing an effective and efficient law enforcement approach in combating police corruption.

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