International Police Peacekeeping Missions:

Recruitment and Selection of German Police Officers

  • Joachim Albrecht HfPolBW
  • Theresa Hof
  • Miriam Stocker
  • Markus Matthias Thielgen
Keywords: International Police Peacekeeping Missions, personnel selection, development center, assessment center, interview, Frontex


International Police Peacekeeping Missions stand or fall with recruitment and selection of competent police officers. The present article starts with an introduction into missions from a German perspective. Specifically, Germany is providing law enforcement staff to perform a series of different tasks such as fighting crime, helping countries to develop their own police forces, and securing EU borders (Frontex). In this context, we focus on the topic of how to recruit and select qualified police officers. For this purpose, we present an overview of the personnel selection process and highlight the importance of intercultural competence. Finally, we discuss implications and research directions.

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