An Inter-Organisational Response to Domestic Violence

The pivotal role of police in Porto, Portugal

  • Paulo Machado ISCPSI
  • Lúcia G. Pais ISCPSI
  • Sónia Morgado ISCPSI
  • Sérgio Felgueiras ISCPSI
Keywords: domestic violence, IMPRODOVA project, police work, social change


When studying the current Portuguese domestic violence landscape, the case of Porto was highlighted by some police professionals as a different approach to domestic violence occurrences. We discovered the existence of organisational experience, involving a broad partnership, and with an evident interest by the media. Corresponding to the IMPRODOVA[1] conceptual framework, the Porto experience merges both, an organisational arrangement from the Public Security Police which involves intra-organisational cooperation, as well as an inter-organisational cooperation between the police, several NGOs, health services, and public prosecutor services. Altogether, they aim at a clarification of the problem at hand, goals and stakes, resources and actors involved. In this article, the case study of the Porto experience is presented and discussed within a broad critical reflexion about social change in contemporary societies.


[1]This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 787054. This article reflects only the authors’ view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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