European Legislation to Fight Domestic Violence

Variance within Translations of International Policy to National Level

  • Paul Luca Herbinger Vienna Centre for Societal Security (VICESSE)
  • Marion Neunkirchner Vienna Center for Societal Security (VICESSE)
  • Norbert Leonhardmair Vienna Centre for Societal Security (VICESSE)
Keywords: domestic violence, Istanbul Convention, definitions of domestic violence, risk-assessment, European Policy


The implementation of international policies relating to domestic violence on national level is mostly discussed under the binary of compliance and non-compliance. Drawing on comparative policy research conducted by the IMPRODOVA project, the article argues that much is to be gained by analysing variance within compliant translations of international policy to national levels. Three examples for such variance are discussed in relation to the translations of the “Istanbul Convention” in a number of EU-States. In doing so, examples for the advantages of this analytical approach adopted by IMPRODOVA can be shown along the preliminary findings in the area of national policy analysis.

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