Management and Leadership Training in Police Organization

The EMBA in Policing

  • Tiina Koivuniemi Police University College
Keywords: Management, Police Leadership, Training


Police organizations in Europe and worldwide are in the midst of change. The world has never changed as much as it has in the last decades, which means that the roles of police organizations in today’s societies are also changing rapidly. Police organizations face more challenging and more complex problems in more diverse societies. As a result, the police manager’s work has become more demanding. The importance of leadership to the performance of the organization has been demonstrated in various studies. Police organizations need managers who are professionals in both management and leadership. Finland's Police University College has developed a new and original management training program – the EMBA in Policing – in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology. This innovative police management training program is based on Quinn's Model of Leadership. The idea of this paper is to introduce the EMBA in Policing program as a new way to train future police leaders and to research how Quinn’s model serves as a theoretical framework in police management and leadership training. In this article, the author describes the model of the EMBA in Policing program, and reports the results of the pilot training.

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