Project Report AVICRI – Attention for Victims of Crime

  • Anna Maria Giannini


The AViCri (Attention for Victims of Crime) Project is part of the European Daphne II Programme aimed at victims of crime and the prevention of secondary victimization. (This programme is the second phase of the Daphne programme. The European Council (with the Framework Decision of 15 March 2001) has established victims’ needs for contact with workers who are trained to assess the particular situation of a victim, which is characterized by specific requisites, needs and precautions. This is one of the rights accorded to victims. The organization heading the project was the Faculty of Psychology, of the “Sapienza” University of Rome. The partners in Italy were: Ministry of Interior – Department of Public Security – Central Directorate of Criminal Police, Latium Region, Regional Directorate of Social Services, Italian Inter-University Centre for the Studyand Research on the Origins and Development of Prosocial and Anti-social Motivations and the two NGOs “Differenza Donna” and “Telefono Rosa”.

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