Decision Support Systems in Policing

  • Don Casey London South Bank University
  • Phillip Burrell London South Bank University
  • Nick Sumner
Keywords: decision support systems, Crime Analysis, Predictive Policing, Crime Linkage, Artificial Intelligence


Decision Support Systems (DSS) are widely used in industry, finance and commerce to assist users with the large and rapidly growing amount of  data that these institututions have to deal with. Police organisations have been slow to investigate the benefits that such systems can offer but this situation is changing. As well as seeking to improve operational performance there are now pressing economic reasons for using I.T. systems to assist crime analysts and investigators. A short review of some of the more striking findings of psychological research in decision-making is folowed by a survey of  a selection of recent research into crime linkage and predictive policing using Artificial Intelligence and some of the systems currently being used in Police jurisdictions.

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