The Police Café

An efficient method for improving the dialogues between the Police and the community

  • Erna Uricska NUPS
  • Katalin Molnár NUPS
Keywords: Community Policing


Nowadays there is an urgent social demand for safer and more liveable communities because of the intensification of the national safety problems, the international and the transnational threats.

In this article an initiative method will be introduced that was used by the Belgian Police at first and the method is called the Police Café after the original method called the World Café - a structured conversational process.  The primary aim of the initiative that is unique within the Hungarian Police is to reach the most intensive involvement of the members of the Police and the civilians in order to restore and maintain safety. 

According to the methodology of the Café, the Police invite professionals who are somehow responsible for the public safety of the given precinct of a city representing different professions or organisations to carry out an unconventional and innovative conversation.

The protection of safer and liveable communities is our common social responsibility and with this innovative method, the first step can be taken.

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