Croatian Model of Telecommunication Information Requests Management (TIRM)

  • Damir Maracic Police College Zagreb
  • Damir Osterman
Keywords: telecommunication, data management


TIRM is an acronym for the Croatian model of Telecommunication Information Requests Management. In reality, it is an electronic application designed for the systematic requesting and issuing of electronic communication data, as well as the handling, processing, storage and use of data.

TIRM application was developed and designed during the last three years of an empirical research process including the needs analyses, preparation, test, and implementation phases.

It helps in the processes of authorisation and approval of requests, transferring and storage of data, and in the analytical processing. The establishing of TIRM is a never-ending story having in mind the technical progress on the daily basis, and therefore persons involved in the process have to align the system with, on the one hand, technical achievements and, on the other hand, with the legal approvals and restrictions.

The paper presents and explains:

- Importance and values of the systematic requesting, issuing and managing of electronic communication information;

- Grounds for electronic communication information requests;

- Possible threats and possibilities of abuse;

- Advantages of using the electronic format of telecommunication information requests management.


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