The Tax, Economic and Financial Investigation of Transnational Organised Crime in European Union

  • Nelson Macedo da Cruz National Republican Guard
Keywords: transnational organized crime, tax financial and economic investigation


In a European environment marked by the growing influence of transnational criminal organizations, boosted by the globalization of markets and accelerated developments in information, knowledge and, specially, communication technology, it is recognized that the detection, immobilization and recovery of illicit proceeds and instruments generated represent the key to its neutralization. In this context, the MOLECULA PT Project materializes the use of the same technology, with the strict respect for the rights, freedoms and guarantees of european citizens, in order to highlight all the unjustified assets hidden from the authorities in the EU territory. At the same time, the MOLECULA PT Project represents the opportunity to adjust the interaction environment between the actors involved on tax, economic and financial investigations to a unified european architecture, enabling synergies, that renders transnational criminal organizations dysfunctionals and their illicit assets exposed to the mentioned authorities action.

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