Towards a holistic understanding of the prevention of violent radicalisation in Europe

  • Dominic Michael Kudlacek Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony
Keywords: Extremism, policy recommendations, radicalisation, prevention


The focus on radicalisation has increased in recent years in response to incidents of international terrorism. European countries have boosted funding into various prevention policies and counter-radicalisation tools in an attempt to tackle the ever-increasing threat of homegrown terrorism, polarisation and broader social problems. However, these efforts have yet delivered coherent and effective initiatives that curtail the onset of radical tendencies, disengage those who have already embraced violent extremism, and minimise the effectivity of terrorist entities. This article introduces Pericles (Policy Recommendation and Improved Communication Tools for Law Enforcement and Security Agencies Preventing Violent Radicalisation), which is an EU funded project developed for the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism in Europe. Pericles builds on previous counter-radicalisation approaches by addressing operational gaps and introducing developments that are modelled to the needs of practitioners. In addition, the needs of families will be explored in which the children or parents are radicalised or at risk of radicalisation. The project recognises the importance of families in identifying the signs of radicalisation and as a useful instrument for support. The project delivers a comprehensive understanding of current European counter-radicalisation programmes and policies as well as five tools that will enhance the capabilities of frontline staff in detecting radicalisation and formulating an informed response. The Pericles toolkit includes an advanced cyber-space detection system, an enhanced platform of exchange, vulnerability assessment tool, family care package, and an updated skills and competencies package.

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