Building a global learning community - an Interpol perspective

  • Jürgen Stock


This conference speech describes the role of INTERPOL in the training of law enforcement, which is to provide and to facilitate specialised training for global law enforcement in all of 190 member countries. In this speech, INTERPOL’s objectives, perspectives, contributions as a global organisation are explained. INTERPOL’s mission is to enhance cooperation and innovation on police and security matters, focusing on promoting innovation through the use of new technologies and the creation of a wider and more inclusive law enforcement community. INTERPOL seeks to provide opportunities for training providers and recipients to build contact networks and exchange information about ongoing training initiatives.
The author highlights the need for a regular and sustainable exchange of best practices and knowledge amongst experts in the field, as well as the sharing of specialist trainers and facilities. He concludes by stating that international coordination in police management training is the key for global cooperation.

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