The Spanish National Police Training System

  • Silvia Iluminada Ramos Perez
Keywords: Training, Improvement, Cooperation, University, Service


In this contribution it is intended to give an overall view of the Training taught in the Spanish National Police Training Division. The Training Division consists of different centers and its structure takes into account the type of student and training needed in each case. In the recent years there has been a qualitative shift in the training, with an enhanced cooperation with the University, in masters degrees, specialization courses and other activities. Moreover the training of Sergeants and Inspectors is recognized by the Ministry of Education by an official degree (equivalency) and a Master official degree respectively. The specialization of the courses has also increased, as new trends of crime constantly emerge and Police need to give the most appropriate answer implementing new methods. This presentation is divided into three parts: Competences and Structure of the Training and Improvement Division; the implementation of a Training Programme; the main challenges in Training for the future.

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