Towards multi-strategic police organization

  • Priit Suve
Keywords: police, policing, police strategy, organization


From one hand, recent police reforms in Europe had illuminated the fact that most reforms were loosely linked to problems of safety. Reasons for reforming the police are hidden in an economy, politics or some other domain instead of public order or crimes – the problems that are traditionally associated with the police. From the other hand, the wickedness of security issues requires the police to be more professional. The question is, how the police that in the police literature are mostly presented as a monostrategic organization can be linked to issues of security in a way that it could have at least a chance to mitigate these wicked problems? This article suggests that the knowledge of police management about strategies of policing and police organization should be enhanced. The article sketches out the idea for how the strategies of policing together with the view of the organization as an open system can hold the police to be more focused on its core mission and connected to the task environment.

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