Police Ethnic Profiling in Hungary

  • Andras Kadar
  • Andras Pap
  • Balazs Toth


Profiling by law enforcement agencies has become very popular. The article highlights the findings of a recent pilot research project organised by the Helsinki Committee that focused on police stop and search practices and their discriminatory effect on the Roma minority in Hungary. The discriminatory identifications (ID) check methods are relevant to the differential treatment of the Roma. The effectiveness of these methods is very low. The conclusions of the research are that these practises are inefficient.

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Kadar, A., Pap, A., & Toth, B. (2009). Police Ethnic Profiling in Hungary. European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin, (2), 4-6. Retrieved from https://bulletin.cepol.europa.eu/index.php/bulletin/article/view/18