The Role of Law Enforcement Agencies and the Use of IT Tools for a Coordinate Response in Pandemic Crisis Management

The STAMINA project

  • Carmen Castro Garcés Valencia Local Police
  • Joaquín Bresó
  • Susana Sola
  • Aggeliki Vlachostergiou
  • Maria Plakia
  • Ilaria Bonavita
  • Anastasia Anagnostou
  • Derek Groen
  • Patrick Kaleta
Keywords: pandemic crisis management, Valencia Local Police, predictive analytics, early warning systems, law enforcement agencies


Pandemic crises are disruptive events that imply a threat to the health of citizens, and also to public safety. In order to provide an adequate response, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) organizations up to now had to adapt their structures, staffing conditions and competencies to the exceptional circumstances. At the same time, pandemics, such as COVID-19 that is currently a real scenario, require from LEAs to test their capabilities and thus to further identify their own gaps and get to know themselves better. The complexity of this kind of phenomena requires a coordinated and multidisciplinary response through Information Technology (IT) tools to mitigate the effects of pandemics. In this sense, our participation in the European H2020 STAMINA project: “Demonstration of intelligent decision support for pandemic crisis prediction and management within and across European borders” brings added value to our daily work as LEAs. The project implements a set of tools whose goal is twofold: improvement of management of information in all phases of the pandemic as well as improvement of response and coordination among all first responders involved in a pandemic. STAMINA attempts to achieve this through the combination of a number of IT tools ranging from Predictive models and Early Warning systems to Real-time Social Media Analytics and a Common Operational Picture (COP) platform that acts as the main interface for real-time situation assessment and coordinated responses of the involved LEAs.

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Garcés, C., Bresó, J., Sola, S., Vlachostergiou, A., Plakia, M., Bonavita, I., Anagnostou, A., Groen, D., & Kaleta, P. (2022). The Role of Law Enforcement Agencies and the Use of IT Tools for a Coordinate Response in Pandemic Crisis Management. European Law Enforcement Research Bulletin, (SCE 5), 165-175.
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