Essay: European Police Cooperation in the Future – Reflections from the Present

  • Eduardo Ferreira


One of the topics of the 2010 edition of the European Police College course TOPSPOC was on European police leadership in the future. How senior police officers in the EU will deal with future certainties or uncertainties which will affect the European Union were discussed at length by two participating groups. Two main conclusions were arrived at: (a) that Europe is facing and will continue to face growing common transnational risks or threats; and (b) no one is one hundred per cent sure on how European police cooperation can or will develop in order to respond to such risks or threats. This article draws conclusions from the course and addresses the main risks or threats that will have to be considered and managed by senior police officers, as well as some of the allegedly main obstacles facing European police cooperation. The first obstacle is related to judicial issues, the second to judicial‐operational issues, and the third is related to the (apparent) irrelevance of international police cooperation results to a successful national police career. These three obstacles are briefly discussed and their effects on European police cooperation are considered.

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